I am excited for Sunday night!

Two reasons.

2. The Super Bowl
While I don’t really care about the teams playing this year, I will still watch. I don’t think I have missed one since I was in elementary school. We always used to have a family party on Super Bowl Sunday. Now, I just like to watch for the commercials.

Special one-hour episode after the Super Bowl. I’ve seen the previews – looks like it will be just the right amount of ridiculous. I can’t wait to see the roast of Michael Scott. I also hope there is a little more Jim and Pam interaction. I miss them!

Photo: NBC

SAG Awards

I am a little upset that The Office did not win.  However, John and Jenna were looking fantastic (the rest of the cast was as well!).  John Krasinski and Amy Poehler were hilarious during their presentation, and Jenna and Steve did a great job with their “I am an actor” bits.

Jenna was wearing a gray Pamella Roland, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her Neil Lane necklace. I wish I had money and somewhere to go so I could wear it. John…he just can’t go wrong in a tux…or anything.

Info courtesy of Just Jared.


Pictures courtesy of OfficeTally.