A Little Bit of Romance…

These heels would be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding!

Forget-me-knot…Such a delicate bow!

A lemony fresh wedding!

Say, “I Love You,” in a new way…

Such a cute rug for a bedroom!

Because I have issues with hand-holding.

A blog dedicated to the author’s love of Pride and Prejudice (basically the best love story ever!).

A chance for your love story to be featured in windows on Fifth Avenue.

I normally don’t like country music at all, but I am kind of loving this song….


Have yourself a very cheesy Valentine’s Day! Go over the top and be extra corny and romantic this year.

Sweet Nothing Heart Necklace
Unique and very cute! I love how random some of the messages are! My favorite? “Fireworks” – such a simple, yet heartfelt message.

Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate
If you can’t make it into NYC for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, bring it home! Serendipity is famous for their frozen hot chocolate – my friends love it! I just love the two straws…such a 50’s diner feel to it!

Pride and Prejudice
My favorite novel (and one of my favorite love stories!)…with a vintage look! This would be the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

International Love Pillow
Say “love” in 19 languages. How many people can do that?

Ruby Readers
A really subtle and dorky way to add some red to your wardrobe on Valentine’s Day. Fabulous!