Gossip Girl started filming again today in New York City!  They were filming at Japonais on E. 18th Street this morning.  I unfortunately was at work, so I was not able to head down. Here are a few shots from the new season!  Can’t wait for more Chuck and Blair romance and some Gossip Girl college life!




Images: Just Jared

Smile Like You Mean It

I know K already posted a picture of Ed from the same day, but when I found this one of him smiling, I could not pass it up.
I feel like it is so rare to see him smiling like this…he usually has a scowl or is making some face.
Note to Ed: Smile MORE!

Here he is outside of the BBC in London.


Image: Lainey Gossip

Gossip Girl + Rolling Stone

Oooh, baby!
Take a look at these pictures!
This is one hot photo shoot…

The gorgeous cast of Gossip Girl covers the latest issue of Rolling Stone.
Click here for a video of the shoot.

Here is a look at the cover, showing Blake Lively (Serena) and Leighton Meester (Blair).

Images: Just Jared and Rolling Stone

You know you love me…

So, tonight was the return of Gossip Girl! So much went down during this episode, The Age of Dissonance.

1. Dan and the teacher – Thank God she turned out to be a bitch. I really did not like that story line. I am glad she is going back to cow country.
2. Blair is not going to Yale! What is she going to do now?
3. I just love Dorota.
4. Chuck finally realizing he should be with Blair…and she’s either going to get with Carter or Nate.
However, this picture gives me hope for Chuck and Blair together.
5. I love how they worked large headbands and big flowers into the play’s hair pieces.
6. The director of the play? SO annoying. What did Serena possibly see in him?

Photo: EOnline