A Little Bit of Romance…

These heels would be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding!

Forget-me-knot…Such a delicate bow!

A lemony fresh wedding!

Say, “I Love You,” in a new way…

Such a cute rug for a bedroom!

Because I have issues with hand-holding.

A blog dedicated to the author’s love of Pride and Prejudice (basically the best love story ever!).

A chance for your love story to be featured in windows on Fifth Avenue.

I normally don’t like country music at all, but I am kind of loving this song….

Haven’t Met You Yet…

I love this song. I saw Michael Buble perform at the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree ceremony this past year and he was great. He is the new dorky crush for my friend C and me.

So cute!

And I know some day that it’ll all turn out,
You’ll make me work, so we can work to work it out…

La La

So, during my senior year of high school, my school won a radio contest and got to have Ashlee Simpson and Ryan Cabrera perform a private concert for us. This “concert” happened less than a week after her infamous Saturday Night Live performance…she did sing live at our school!

Somehow, someone found a video of her the concert on the Ashlee Simpson Show on YouTube…so ridiculous!