My Little Corner of the World

I’ve been in my apartment for about two months now, and I am still trying to figure things out.  But I am loving that it is all mine.  I picked the colors on the walls.  I picked all of the food in the fridge (all gluten-free!).  The mess is all mine.

The one thing I haven’t done?  Decorate!  I am finding it hard to find things that I want filling in my apartment.  One minute, I see something and immediately want it.  The next?  I don’t know if I feel like living with it for the next year.

Working with luxury home accessories, it is sometimes hard to remove myself from the “$500 for a teapot is nothing!” feeling.  (I mean, I can’t afford that, even though I would LOVE to!).  Here are my picks for my apartment.  Some are dreams…some might be reality.

Love Replica in Silver from ABC Home

Hermes Bleus D’Ailleurs Coffeepot from Michael C. Fina

Ampersand Pillow from Etsy

Vintage Birdcage Chandelier X-Small from Restoration Hardware

I’m Back…

After almost two years, I am back.  I am making a promise to myself to write more.

I have changed positions at my job (allowing me slightly more time).

I have moved out of my childhood home into an apartment by myself.

I have found myself an absolutely wonderful boyfriend.

I still have amazing family and friends.

I am figuring out my life, and I am happy.