Sadie Hawkins

My sister got information at school today for her prom.  She is a junior at my Alma Mater, an all-girls’ Catholic private school, so I know exactly what this means.

Prom + an all-girls’ school = Sadie Hawkins Dance.  Oy.

As a 17-year-old girl without a boyfriend, this can cause much anxiety.  Who has a friend I can go with?  Does he have any friends?  Which of my guy friends is least annoying?  Who looks good in a tux?  Do I even know any guys that I would consider taking to prom? These questions, along with many others, run through your brain until that date is found.  Until then, you endure awkward group dates, awkward setups, and awkwardly asking boys out via AIM or text message.

So, here is to my sister and all the other 17-year-old girls out there who have to ask a boy to prom…Good luck, have fun, and make lasting memories!  And just remember…you will have to do it all again next year!


(I’m just excited to help her pick out dresses!)


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