I have a few resolutions.  Not something I need to do every day, but just some things I would like to work on.

1.  Save money to go to Australia in 2011.  My cousin just got engaged and will be getting married there in the spring of 2011.  My brother and I decided we are going.  There is no way we are missing a family wedding…especially this one.

2.  Be better about staying in touch with people.  I have had a lot going in my life since I graduated from college, so it has been a little tough sometimes.  I want to be better about that.

3.  Re-connect with my pen pal in Colorado.  We wrote letters back and forth for several years…we are from two completely different worlds, and it was always interesting to hear from her.  A lot has changed in my life since I last wrote to her, so I think it is time to try again.

4.  Get back into writing.  If anyone hears of any blog/freelance opportunities, let me know!

5.  Show my feelings a little bit more.  I am an emotional person, but when it comes to some things and some people, it is hard for me to express my feelings.

6.  Read more.  This one is a given.

7.  Get more sleep…or at least try to.

8.  Learn how to cook something besides pasta and chicken.  This one will be hard.

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