The time has come for colds and overcoats…

The cool weather is here…and I love it. Black tights are now an everyday essential, and my cloche hat has made a few appearances (along with many compliments!). Next accessory to make an appearance? Gloves! Break out some cute ones this fall!

Portalano Cable Knit Fingerless Gloves
It is not super cold yet, so these would be great for the cool fall mornings. Since they are longer, they would go really well with a cropped jacket or blazer.

Leather Gloves

Elbow-length leather gloves? Why not? Good for a night out.

Searle Open Work Glove
I just love the rosettes!

Next week!

We have been waiting 6 years for this moment! Jim and Pam finally are getting married on The Office in next week’s episode!

From their awkward and strained friendship, to their “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that” first kiss, their time apart, and then finally, finally, finally being on the same page after relationships with other people and misread signals (“Well then, it’s a date.)…

In hopes that J and I will find Jim Halperts of our own…

Reminder…a new episode is also on tonight on NBC!

Hope for the best…

Rachael Yamagata is one of my favorite artists and “Reason Why” is one of my favorite songs. It is beautiful and haunting and sad at the same time.

And if one of us makes it big,
We can spill our regrets
And talk about how the love never dies…