Here comes the gown…

After staring at David Tutera’s one-of-a-kind Platinum Wedding Gown for two weeks, I have decided that I would like a simple dress whenever I decide to get married. I have been in several weddings and have gone on many shopping trips to try on dresses. Bustles? Can be extremely annoying. Strapless? Have to make sure it fits you perfectly. Too poofy? Can’t dance too well. Too tight? You can’t sit down. Too thin a fabric? You can see right through it.
A good place to turn for simple and elegant wedding dresses that won’t break the bank? J. Crew. You can dress your bridesmaids there as well!

Genevieve silk radzimir gown

This dress reminds me of the one the sister had made in 27 Dresses. Bonus? It has pockets! How amazing is that?

Silk tricotine goddess gown

This dress looks so comfortable – something that is insanely important on your big day.

Berry-trim Nathalie gown
With the berry trim, this dress is a little more whimsical and would be perfect for a garden party wedding. Or, if you were planning on getting married in the autumn, you could add berries to the bouquets and center pieces to keep with the theme.
Once again, this one has pockets.

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