The Wall

I share a room with my sister, so it has always been difficult to agree on what we want decorating the walls of our room.  We have different styles for the most part, so I always enjoy imagining what my room will look like when she goes away to college and I move her stuff out. (Just kidding, B!)

Love Birds Wall Art by Geninne Zlatkis

I am terrified of birds, but this adorable piece doesn’t bother me at all. So innocent and quaint, I wouldn’t mind seeing these birds every day.

Paper Dolls Wall Art by Alexander Girard
How cute is this? It is such a simple concept, but it can make a wall really pop at the same time. This is also something that could easily transition from a young girl’s room into a more adult one.

Dandelions Wall Art by Devyn Waitt
Make a wish! This piece reminds me of a scene in Beauty and the Beast, my favorite Disney movie. (I know I am in my early 20s…don’t judge.)


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