The little things that make me happy…

1. Reruns of The Office. It just makes me laugh. And I also want a relationship like Jim and Pam’s.

2. Dance parties. I love having them with my friends. Or my sister in our room. Or just as I drive by myself in the car.


3. Getting ridiculous random texts/emails from friends. i.e. “shh–i’m operating the musik express.”

4. Outdoor concerts. I am going to one next week at Woodstock. Can’t wait.

5. Getting answers right on Jeopardy. I just love feeling smart.

6. Watching sappy movies over and over and over again. Even if I have seen it 1000 times, I still feel all the emotions I felt the first time I saw it. i.e. When Harry Met Sally

7. Finding things that bring back good memories. Movie ticket stubs, pictures, notes from friends.

8. Freckles.  I get a lot of them over the summer, and I don’t mind at all.  And people tell me that they are cute.

9. Doing nothing and everything with my friends. Dressed up for a night out in the city. Sweats and a movie at someone’s house. I love it all.

10. Reading a good book for the 7th time.


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