No, I am not talking about Elisabeth Hasselback’s book (but I should read it). I am talking about myself. I have been trying as hard as I can to stick to a gluten-free diet since February, and I have been feeling a whole lot better! While I have not been officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease (I may only be gluten sensitive), I have found out that staying away from foods that contain gluten makes me feel healthier.

While I do miss things like cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and bagels, I have adapted my lifestyle and have found things to eat that are delicious. Thankfully, more restaurants, stores, and brands have been labeling their food products as “gluten-free,” so it is not always so difficult to find something to eat.

So, if you are living a gluten-free life, here are some things to try.

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
My friends have been great with having to deal with me not being able to eat certain things, so I was happy to find out that we all get to enjoy this restaurant. They offer an entire gluten-free menu that is delicious.
Make sure to try the flourless dome cake for dessert. It is AMAZING.

While I don’t eat cereal that often, it was great to see that Chex now offers gluten-free products. And it is not just the regular Rice Chex! They have the more fun flavors like “Honey Nut,” “Chocolate,” and “Cinnamon” as well!
I was always a bagel girl for breakfast, but having a great selection of cereals certainly helps!

Glutino Pretzel Sticks
These are so great! Even my friends who are not gluten-free have tried them and liked them! While you can tell they don’t taste like regular pretzels, there is not a huge difference and they definitely don’t taste like cardboard (like many gluten-free items do).

Glutino Spinach & Feta Pizza
Absolutely delicious! While more pizzerias are offering gluten-free pizzas, they can get really expensive. As a recent college grad, I don’t have the money to always be paying $14 for a small personal pie, so Glutino’s frozen pizzas are great! This spinach and feta one is my favorite!

Cool Ranch Doritos
I found this out recently, and I got so excited! I do not eat chips too often, but I was kind of getting sick of the Fritos. While Doritos are not the healthiest, it is nice to know that I can indulge in my favorite kind of chips when I feel like it. My friend M’s mom even got a bag just for me at a recent party.
Frito Lay, you now need to find a way to make my favorite French Onion Sun Chips gluten-free.

You can find out about gluten-free items on most product and brand websites. Stores like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Wegman’s, and Fairway Market offer a lot of items that are gluten-free and they are all clearly labeled or you can ask for a list of items. You can also learn more about Celiac Disease and gluten-free products here.


One thought on “G-Free

  1. I know where you’re coming from! My daughter has been celiac since last year and is having her second endoscopy tomorrow morning, as a matter of fact. I’m not spamming you, but I also have a blog on wordpress on the subject. it’s: http://livingchronically.com

    Glad I found your blog!

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