Things I Want This Week…

Twinkle Twinkle The Mad Hatters Tea Party Large Charm Necklace
Weird, whimsical, and adorable. I absolutely love the little teacup and saucer charm and the etching on the others! I have no idea where I would wear this, but I definitely think people would be talking about it.

I Heart Jim
I would never wear it. I just want to own it. Just because it’s Jim and I love him, as you all know. I am pretty sure J would love this as well.

Vintage Dictionary WASP Electrical Outlet Cover
Vintage and from a dictionary? Can you get any better? I am such a huge English dork, so this would be perfect for my room.

Glittered Postal Canvas

So beautiful. So classy. So different. I wish more people wrote actual letters and postcards these days. I would love that. Also, this would totally match the decor at The Red Door!


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