Weird Things I Want

So K directed me to this website, I found some cute and quirky things that would be fun to have in a home. Maybe I will get them one day…when a few friends and I move into the city together. Until then, maybe I can just somehow convince my mom that we need them.

Giant Cupcake Cake Mold
How awesome would it be to have giant cupcakes? I mean, I would have to get gluten-free cupcake mix, but it would still be a lot of fun.

French Toast Stamp
My mom always used to stamp happy faces into our toast in the morning. Bonjour!

Geeky Dreamboats: A Celebration
I love dorks. My friends tell me all the time. I finally admitted it to myself. This is perfect for me.

Chicken Kitchen Timer
I never use a timer. Well, I never really cook, but if I had a timer as cute as this, I might use one.

Pudding Cup & Saucer
In my household, we love our pudding. However, eating pudding out of one of this darling little cups would probably make it taste ten times better. Or, at least I would look cuter doing it. I don’t think my brother would like them though.


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