Moving Out

We all have plans for the future. Yesterday, while enjoying the beautiful weather outside with some coffee, J, K, and I were discussing our plans of moving into the city a year after we graduate. We fully plan on having amazing jobs in the magazine and publishing worlds and want to share an apartment…with exposed brick walls. Shabby chic. Pillows that don’t match. Hints of the Victorian era. Lavender, sage green, and dove gray accents. Books overflowing on the shelves. That’s how we roll.

Here are some suggestions for the decor. We probably won’t be able to afford any of it, so we will be doing a lot of thrift shopping.

Rococo Chalkboard Wall Decal – Urban Outfitters

We can leave notes to each other. We can share our favorite literary quotations. While I love Post-Its, this is much more classy.

Puddle Jumper Plant
– Urban Outfitters

We discussed that we would like to have flowers around…and I’m sure that this adorable plant will remind J of her Wellies!

Lulu Chair
– Flourish Smoke – Urban Outfitters

Love the floral pattern. Great chair to curl up in to read a classic like Pride and Prejudice.

Antoinette Fainting Sofa – Aubergine – Urban Outfitters

A fainting sofa! How 19th century! While I doubt any of us would actually use it for fainting, it would be such a fun addition to our humble dwelling. Would provide additional seating for guests too!

Owl Umbrella Stand – Urban Outfitters

I have always loved the idea of umbrella holders, but I have never had luck with umbrellas. I’ve resorted to hats and hoods…or just enjoying the rain. This is just too cute to pass up, though…I will give umbrellas another try.

Dot Rose Lamp Shade – Urban Outfitters

How pretty!


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