Classy is a State of Mind

Anyone watch The Office tonight?
I loved loved loved seeing John Krasinski in a tux the entire episode! CLASSY! I seriously can’t wait for the wedding.
What do you think of the new boss? Do you really think Michael can quit Dunder Mifflin for good?
I personally think he’s not going to be able to stay away. Dunder Mifflin Scranton cannot possibly exist without him!
Also, Kelly AND Angela both looking for attention from Charles? Hilarious! Didn’t really think Angela had it in her.

One of my favorite lines of the night?
“What is a two-way petting zoo?”
“You pet the animals, they pet you back.”

Here are some pictures of The Office cast at an “Inside The Office” panel in LA.

Photo: Pop Sugar

One thought on “Classy is a State of Mind

  1. the two way petting zoo line was by far the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. the only problem I had with the Jim/Charles tension is that you KNOW David Wallace likes Jim. So anything that might happen to Jim isn’t going to be all that harsh. I can see Jim reapplying for the VP position once Charles’ character runs his course with the show.

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