Some fashion…for your home…

While I am moving back into my childhood home after graduation, I still always think about how I would decorate a new apartment. Maybe I will have a chance in a few years.
Here are a few things that I would use to help decorate. None of them will probably match.

Vintage Sunflower Quilt – Urban Outfitters
Love the faded vintage look and love the bright yellow contrast.

How cute would this be in a kitchen? My mom and I always drink tea together, so this would definitely remind me of home!
Teacup Tile Hook – Urban Outfitters

I love having flowers around, even if they are fake. This vase, made with recycled magazines, would be a perfect and colorful way to display them.
100% Recycled Vase – Urban Outfitters

I probably would not have enough money for a chandelier (or the high ceilings), but this is such a cute alternative!
Chandelier Wall Decal – Urban Outfitters

So retro. I would just put this in my home because it would look cool. Who knows if I would actually use it.
Crosley Pay Phone – Urban Outfitters

This is just amazing. I don’t even know how else to describe it.
SAT Words Shower Curtain – Urban Outfitters


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