The Grammys

1. Not going to lie…I enjoyed Justin singing “Let’s Stay Together” with Al Green. One of my favorite songs.
2. Ryan Seacrest always has the most awkward red carpet interviews.
3. I am happy that Jennifer Hudson won. I don’t really listen to her that much, but she always sounds amazing and I think she deserved it after everything she has been through.
4. Love Coldplay, even though I think Chris Martin is crazy. However, I was not really feeling that little duet with Jay-Z. I know they are friends and all, but I don’t know. Also, what were they wearing?
5. Chris Brown under investigation for assault?!?!?! A little disappointed that he and RiRi could not attend.
6. I met Estelle this summer, and she was really nice. But that dress?? And those shoes?? Ugh.
7. Neil Diamond singing “Sweet Caroline!” I love it. So good, so good! Haha
8. MIA!!! Oh my God! I thought she was going to pop that baby out on stage. Props to her! (Even though her outfits were hidEous).
9. Four Tops tribute was awesome.
10. Katy Perry is crazy. I loved that she wore flats. Finally, someone is being sensible when it comes to footwear while performing on stage.
11. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus…ummmm…Taylor Swift has a great voice. While Miley wasn’t bad, I think she ruined it.
12. Jo Bros and Stevie Wonder – an interesting combo. They definitely have something to look back on.
13. John Mayer’s outfit. What is it? Looked weird. Loved the Bo Diddley tribute, however.
14. Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress. WAYYYYY too shiny. A big NO from me.
15. Lil Wayne, at least put a suit on. You look like a slob.
16. Paris Hilton, it is NOT okay to wear lingerie to the Grammys.
17. Paula Abdul, I literally cannot come up with anything to describe your outfit. EW


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