No, Taylor, just NO!!
Why must you always look like a crazy person? There is a way to dress differently without looking insane. And the bangs? I mean, I know that my hair is not always perfect and I have had some pretty bad styles/cuts in the past, but come on. You are 15. I’ve got 7 years on you, and you have had more bad haircuts in the past few months than I have had my whole life. And I lived in the late 80s/early 90s. That is saying a lot.


Photo: Just Jared

Also, Kelly, come on. This is not flattering at all. You looked cute in your video. What happened? My hair looked like that this morning…when I rolled out of bed. Also, the dress kind of looks wrinkled. Aren’t there people you can hire to take care of things like that? If you are attending the Grammy awards tonight, I hope the dress is better. KThanks.


Photo: DListed


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