If I had a Valentine this year, I would ask for…

I’ve never been a big Valentine’s Day person. I don’t like the taste of those candy hearts. The only roses I have ever gotten have been from my dad (Thanks, Dad!!). I went to an all-girls high school, so beyond 5th grade, there weren’t too many cards and chocolates being given. In recent years, my friends and I have spent Valentine’s Day together. One year, we watched cheesy Lifetime movies and ate entire pints of Ben & Jerry’s (ooh, Dublin Mudslide!). Another year, we ordered Chinese food and watched a few chick flicks. Last year, we hit up Applebees for half-price apps and drinks (for those of us who were newly 21!). This year, who knows.
All, I am saying is, that yes, I love love love chocolate (Reese’s peanut butter cups are my fave), but roses won’t thrill me. I much prefer calla lilies and Gerber daisies. And one of these gifts would also help.

Message Envelope Necklace – Urban Outfitters
It is cute, it is simple, it is inexpensive. This is something I would wear with many outfits.

I Love Jim mug – Urban Outfitters
You know what? I may just buy this for myself. I don’t need a Valentine to enjoy this mug or a cup of tea!

Betsey Johnson Mesh Bow Watch – Urban Outfitters
Oh my God! I want one! And I want one now!! It is just so dainty and cute, and I absolutely love it!


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