New couple?

Some websites and blogs are reporting that Natalie Portman and Robert Pattinson shared some moments at the Oscars on Sunday night. Pattinson was admittedly nervous, and he said that “whiskey and Natalie Portman” helped to calm his nerves.

Portman and Pattinson both looked great on Sunday. Do you think they would make a good couple?





So, what did everyone think? Overall, I loved them. I liked how they had more of an intimate feel this year, and I loved loved loved Hugh Jackman as a host. He was wonderful.

I was also so excited that Kate Winslet won for Best Actress! Although I did not see The Reader, Kate is such a wonderful actress, and she honestly seemed so surprised and happy that she won. I loved when her dad whistled at her! So cute! She looked beautiful in Yves Saint Laurent as well. That steel gray color is gorgeous. She always looks classy.

Other dresses I loved?
-Penelope Cruz in her vintage white gown. I think she said it was about 60 years old. Beautiful. Her speech was great too.
-Anne Hathaway in her silver Armani Prive. So elegant. She looked beautiful.
-Sarah Jessica Parker in silver Dior Haute Couture. Normally, I think her dresses are crazy. But, she looked really good (except for the hair).
-Natalie Portman’s pink Rodarte. Love the bright color. She’s tiny and cute, and pulled it off really well.
-Angelina Jolie in black Elie Saab…I loved her emerald Lorraine Schwartz jewelry too!
-Freida Pinto’s blue John Galliano. She’s gorgeous. I love that color, and I love that it had a little sari-inspiration.
-Amy Adams in her red Carolina Herrera. I loved it. A lot of people didn’t, but whatever. I also loved that necklace. Big and crazy.

Dresses that had a big “NO” from me?
-Beyonce’s black and gold creation made from her mom. Not flattering at all. I know that she likes to wear things that show off her curves, but I think that for the most part, her outfits make them look ridiculous.
-Reese Witherspoon’s blue and black Rodarte. She usually looks so great. What happened, Reese?? Someone mentioned that she may possibly be trying to hide a baby bump. What do you think??
-Nicole Kidman in silver L’Wren Scott. Just no. What were those wispy things coming off the top of her gown?

The musical number – LOVED it. Although I was never involved in musicals, I have always loved them. A lot of my friends were in them in elementary and high school, so I’ve seen a lot of them. It’s back!

Photos: Just Jared and PopSugar


MacDella Cooper Foundation’s New York Fashion Week After Party was a blast! Korto Momolu showed her Fall 2009 Collection, and it was absolutely beautiful! I want to own her final piece!


It’s Fashion Week!!

I’ve been busy lately, so I’ve been lacking in posts. I am so excited that it is Fashion Week in New York. I’ll be posting some stuff about it, so check back for updates.

First of all, I am happy to say that the hairstyle that I have sported for about the past year (or more) hit the runways. I am, in fact, wearing my hair like this right now as I write.
These models are waiting backstage at the E.Y. Wada show.
Picture: Gawker

Sophia Bush in Herve Leger…I love this dress on her…J, those look like your shoes!!
Photo: Just Jared

Shows that I looking forward to:
BADGLEY MISCHKA – Tuesday at 10:00 am
MAX AZRIA – Tuesday at 6:00 pm
MICHAEL KORS – Wednesday at 11:00 am
3.1 PHILLIP LIM – Wednesday at 3:00 pm
CHRISTIAN SIRIANO – Thursday at 6:00 pm
ZAC POSEN – Thursday at 8:00 pm

I am upset that so many designers are not showing this year. Stupid economy…

The Grammys

1. Not going to lie…I enjoyed Justin singing “Let’s Stay Together” with Al Green. One of my favorite songs.
2. Ryan Seacrest always has the most awkward red carpet interviews.
3. I am happy that Jennifer Hudson won. I don’t really listen to her that much, but she always sounds amazing and I think she deserved it after everything she has been through.
4. Love Coldplay, even though I think Chris Martin is crazy. However, I was not really feeling that little duet with Jay-Z. I know they are friends and all, but I don’t know. Also, what were they wearing?
5. Chris Brown under investigation for assault?!?!?! A little disappointed that he and RiRi could not attend.
6. I met Estelle this summer, and she was really nice. But that dress?? And those shoes?? Ugh.
7. Neil Diamond singing “Sweet Caroline!” I love it. So good, so good! Haha
8. MIA!!! Oh my God! I thought she was going to pop that baby out on stage. Props to her! (Even though her outfits were hidEous).
9. Four Tops tribute was awesome.
10. Katy Perry is crazy. I loved that she wore flats. Finally, someone is being sensible when it comes to footwear while performing on stage.
11. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus…ummmm…Taylor Swift has a great voice. While Miley wasn’t bad, I think she ruined it.
12. Jo Bros and Stevie Wonder – an interesting combo. They definitely have something to look back on.
13. John Mayer’s outfit. What is it? Looked weird. Loved the Bo Diddley tribute, however.
14. Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress. WAYYYYY too shiny. A big NO from me.
15. Lil Wayne, at least put a suit on. You look like a slob.
16. Paris Hilton, it is NOT okay to wear lingerie to the Grammys.
17. Paula Abdul, I literally cannot come up with anything to describe your outfit. EW

If I had a Valentine this year, I would ask for…

I’ve never been a big Valentine’s Day person. I don’t like the taste of those candy hearts. The only roses I have ever gotten have been from my dad (Thanks, Dad!!). I went to an all-girls high school, so beyond 5th grade, there weren’t too many cards and chocolates being given. In recent years, my friends and I have spent Valentine’s Day together. One year, we watched cheesy Lifetime movies and ate entire pints of Ben & Jerry’s (ooh, Dublin Mudslide!). Another year, we ordered Chinese food and watched a few chick flicks. Last year, we hit up Applebees for half-price apps and drinks (for those of us who were newly 21!). This year, who knows.
All, I am saying is, that yes, I love love love chocolate (Reese’s peanut butter cups are my fave), but roses won’t thrill me. I much prefer calla lilies and Gerber daisies. And one of these gifts would also help.

Message Envelope Necklace – Urban Outfitters
It is cute, it is simple, it is inexpensive. This is something I would wear with many outfits.

I Love Jim mug – Urban Outfitters
You know what? I may just buy this for myself. I don’t need a Valentine to enjoy this mug or a cup of tea!

Betsey Johnson Mesh Bow Watch – Urban Outfitters
Oh my God! I want one! And I want one now!! It is just so dainty and cute, and I absolutely love it!


I am trying to convince my brother to have a nautical-themed 21st birthday party…just so I can dress up. He might just cave so I shut up about my plans for it. His birthday is in the spring, so it is the perfect time to break out these “nauti” fashions. Here are things that I would like to buy for this spring and summer.

Insight Fly in My Sky Dress
– Urban Outfitters

Candela NYC Jazz Sandal – Urban Outfitters

Spillane Straw Fedora – Urban Outfitters

Juicy Couture Women’s Ruffled Cuff Trenchcoat


Voom Silk Nautical Headband

Hey Sailor! Bangle Set – Guess

Elsa Peretti Starfish pendant – Tiffany & Co.

Large Madaket Tote – J. Crew

Seaside seersucker cross-back tank with flower – J.Crew